Yin Yoga - Dynamic Dolly Yoga
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Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is rooted in the Taoist tradition, which again refers to our masculine and feminine energies – this time, as the “yang” (masculine) and “yin” (feminine). While Hatha and Vinyasa focus on moving the body and building heat, Yin is all about finding stillness and letting go in a more cooling practice (so you might want to have a light sweater and socks handy!)


Plus, unlike Yang yoga practices, which involve tensing the muscles, Yin works deeply to stimulate the connective tissue around these muscles (known as “fascia”) – like a layer of clingfilm. Each pose is held for several minutes, in passive stretches where you can really connect with your breath.


Yin is a quiet, slow practice… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! In fact, many students new to Yin Yoga will find it a whole new kind of challenge – to find stillness in a pose. But once they create the space to really connect with their bodies, to slow down and to practice self-compassion, they love it!


Top benefits

  • Wonderful if you need to recharge in a more gentle way – you’ll mostly be lying down or seated for the entire class
  • The softening and releasing practice can be incredibly healing for both the body and the mind
  • Longer holds tune into the energy channels of your body – known as “meridians” – to increase the flow of chi or prana and balance the internal organs
  • Particularly great for those with injuries, if you’re feeling stressed/anxious, if you struggle with insomnia, or if you have any digestive disorders


For more information on what to expect, and items to bring to the class, please click here.

Interested in joining Yin Yoga? Book a Class
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Looking for online class times?

Due to COVID restrictions classes are now online. For class times, please check my instagram highlights. And call 07999 326 463 to book.

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