Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Dynamic Dolly Yoga
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

A dynamic style of yoga where each movement is linked to the breath. Traditional yoga postures (asanas) form a dance-like sequence that’s loosely based around sun salutations, called surya namaskar.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga uses a breathing technique – called the ujjayi breath – to bring a higher level of focus to the practice. It also helps you keep your core engaged as you flow between movements (because it works with the “floating ribs”), and this in turn protects your back – particularly in forward folds.


As you move and flow between sequences, matching your inhale and exhale to each posture, Vinyasa Yoga becomes like a moving meditation.


Top benefits

  • Great for building up a sweat, releasing toxins and rejuvenating your body
  • The dance-like flow helps to calm your mind – so you don’t get distracted by other thoughts
  • Suitable for all levels – variations are provided to suit each student and help you get the most from your practice


For more information on what to expect, and items to bring to the class, please click here.

Interested in joining Vinyasa Flow? Book a Class
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Looking for online class times?

Due to COVID restrictions classes are now online. For class times, please check my instagram highlights. And call 07999 326 463 to book.

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