Hatha Yoga - Dynamic Dolly Yoga
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Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha is actually an umbrella term for all forms of physical yoga, although it is more commonly known as a particular style in which the focus is on alignment.


The Sanskrit word “Ha” means “sun”. While the word “Tha” means “moon”. Hatha, therefore, is often said to refer to the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon. Both energies are within each of us, although a lot of the time they’re out of balance.


Hatha yoga aims to restore this balance, in a deeply nurturing practice.


Top benefits

  • Slower, more grounding and often more gentle yoga than Vinyasa Flow – ideal if you move around a lot and need to feel centred
  • Great for getting alignment right while you hold postures longer, focusing on the breath and calming your mind
  • Suitable for all levels but especially for beginners – the best place to start your yoga journey


For more information on what to expect, and items to bring to the class, please click here.

Interested in joining Hatha Yoga? Book a Class
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Looking for class times?

Due to COVID restrictions classes are now online. For class times, please check my instagram highlights. And call 07999 326 463 to book.

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